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Doran Jones is continuing to invest in a groundbreaking workforce development program that benefits the company, our clients and the community we serve – we source our talent from a wealth of places including Veterans organizations and local technology training programs.

Doran Jones is committed to community investment through training, and workforce development programs

  • Outsourced projects executed from local facilities
  • Cost competitive to offshore Low Cost Locations
  • Cross-platform and multi-industry capability

Doran Jones partners with numerous organizations and programs including, but not limited to –

  • Trilogy Education Services, UNCC, Davidson, CPCC
  • Workforce Opportunity Services, Knowledge House, NCWorks, Goodwill
  • Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Vocational Rehabilitation, Operation Homefront
  • Digital NYC, Tech MeetUp, StartUp NY, TechHire working group on accelerated learning
Workforce Opportunity Service
Operation Homefront
UNC Charlotte
Davidson College
Trilogy Education Services
Central Piedmont Community College
NC Works
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Commitment to our local economy –

Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Our vision is bringing entry-level technology talent into our business from the local community
  • Partnering with local non-profits and Veterans Associations in NYC and Charlotte to train a new generation of IT professionals and offer a quality alternative to offshoring
  • Bringing IT jobs back to the US with significant Federal, State and City government support
  • Bridging the skills gap for Veterans groups and underserved communities to bring people into IT careers
  • Proven ability to recruit and grow entry-level technology talent from Non-Profit and Veterans Association partnerships
    • Shahzad – Head of Quality Assurance, Mid-sized Hedge Fund
    • Meglena – Executive Assistant for the CTO, Mid-sized Hedge Fund
    • Patrick – QA Lead at Tier 1 bank for Doran Jones
  • In 2019, Computer Science-related degrees are only be able to fulfill less than 30% of the technology jobs that US firms are creating
    • Unless we recruit from places we haven’t traditionally sourced from, all of these roles will filter overseas
    • Successful Agile Development programs don’t lend themselves to large IT organizations that operate away from their business

Success Stories:

Meglena – Executive Assistant for the CTO, Mid-sized Hedge Fund

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