Data Practice

Doran Jones Data practice aims to help our clients produce successful business outcomes from knowledge buried in their data. We use manufacturing discipline to produce, despite the chaos of today’s Big Data industry, tangible outcomes.  

- Improved Quality | Faster Time-to-Market | Risk Reduction | Cost Reduction | Increased Automation –


Doran Jones provides a multi-disciplined approach to build modern data ecosystem for lines of business

  • Data science and data engineers
  • Software engineers and business analysts experienced in Financial Services
  • Customized data services, disciplined architecture and data science produce industrialized data platforms that empower the business client
  • Generally tool agnostic, but can provide own IP to shorten delivery timelines

Doran Jones Data practice understands the fundamentals required to produce strong business benefits

  • Data rationalization, correlation and transformation processes
  • Lead to gains created by Applied Analytical and AI techniques

The cornerstones of our Data Practice are: Data Quality, Distribution, Visualization and History & Semantics


Data Quality

  • Providing accurate, timely and reliable data for our clients
  • Insuring your business against the problems of poor quality data – both business and regulatory-driven
  • Integrate data with the development of applications
  • Lead to gains created by Applied Analytical and AI techniques

Data Distribution

  • Getting data to the right constituents
  • Access Control – who can use it and who can modify it

Data Visualization

  • Understanding the data you have
  • Turning data into a competitive advantage

Data History & Semantics

  • Who touched your data and when they touched it
  • Lineage
  • Traceable, transparent for use with Regulators and Internal Audit functions
  • Data rationalization, correlation and transformation processes

Doran Jones Inc. turns information into a Durable Good

we help you achieve your digital transformation goals

The innovative thinking and discipline that transformed manufacturing in the 20th century will transform our emergent, data-driven economy. Same Recipe, Different Ingredients

The key concept is Quality, and understanding the true cost of attaining it in a modern data ecosystem requires structured planning and execution. Data Quality is not Free.

Instead of focusing on tools and platforms, we focus on tangible, measurable outcomes. The most advanced data-related outcomes are not due to the most advanced algorithm, but rather the most disciplined and repeatable upstream/subassembly processes. Durability (as a function of quality) is ultimately an investment decision, not itself an outcome.

Doran Jones Data Practice - Infographic