An FDIC press release on April 28 announced the results from its review of the supervision and regulation of Signature Bank.  According to the release, This detailed analysis identifies clearly that “the root cause of [Signature Bank’s] failure was poor management. [Signature Bank’s] board of directors and management pursued rapid, unrestrained growth without developing and maintaining adequate risk management practices and controls appropriate for the size, complexity and risk profile of the institution. [Signature Bank’s] management did not prioritize good corporate governance practices, did not always heed FDIC examiner concerns, and was not always responsive or timely in addressing FDIC supervisory recommendations (SRs). [Signature Bank] funded its rapid growth through an overreliance on uninsured deposits without implementing fundamental liquidity risk management practices and controls.”

In light of the recent bank failures and the response of regulators, Doran Jones has created a Risk and Compliance service offering.

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