Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing Practice

Current market challenges mean the old, traditional offshore Testing model is fast becoming obsolete. Doran Jones Testing practice was designed to help navigate our clients through these QA challenges.

– Improved Quality | Faster Time-to-Market | Risk Reduction | Cost Reduction | Increased Automation –


Doran Jones is a risk-based Agile Testing specialist – our testing techniques amplify the effectiveness of your regulatory responses through demonstration of the entire testing process, not just ceremonial documentation

  • Accuracy
  • Traceability
  • Compliance

Some headline numbers driven out of projects we have run, or are currently running

  • More than 50% headcount reduction versus offshore teams
  • More than 25% cost reduction across QA environment
  • More than 90% Defect Removal Efficiency

The cornerstones of our QA & Testing Practice are: QA Strategy and execution, Test Automation/Continuous Integration, Managed Service Consulting and QA/Test team training and development.


QA Strategy and Execution

  • QA/Test team training and development
  • Creating teams for Doran Jones AND its clients
  • Fully-automated, high assurance testing with saturation coverage and model-based verification
  • Providing transparency to real costs of defects in production and Regulatory & Compliance failures
  • Allowing QA to better inform the development of technology applications
  • Significant headcount reduction whilst driving increased quality and accuracy
  • ML capability enabling orgs to ‘do more with less.’

Test Automation & Continuous Integration

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Managed Service Consulting

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QA/Test Team Training & Development

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Enabling Operational Risk Management

The Doran Jones Approach to Quality

The Doran Jones Approach to Quality